Killotaya / betel box necklace

  • “Killotaya” inspired necklace in pure silver
  • This killotaya inspired necklace is handcrafted by the traditional silversmiths in Sri Lanka
  • The form is finely decorated with petal motifs and delicate shapes
  • The small “spatula” attached on the side and box flips open as per the original killotaya
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Killotaya- It’s called lime, betel or chunk box and used to carry lime (Chunum) for mixing with areca nut for betel chewing. It is finely decorated with scrolling flower and petal motifs. Most killotayas were made of brass or copper. The box flips open to reveal the contents; it has hinges on one side and a small spatula. The shape is reminiscent of, a European gentleman’s pocket watch case.


  • Silver
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