“I don’t want to label myself a designer; I am a creator. I create meaningful and timeless solutions.

Fashion is one of the most futuristic platforms. As creators, we have no choice but to think ahead of time. Fashion is a culture of multiple subcultures, such as fine arts, arts, music,
cinema etc. Therefore, we all are fashion, and fashion is everywhere.

As the culture evolves with technology, innovation and expertise, fashion evolves in parallel. A movement which has never stopped and never meant to be stopped.”

Kasuni Rathnasuriya

Founder's Story

Born on the Southern coasts of Sri Lanka, Kasuni Rathnasuriya was blessed to embrace the heritage of Portuguese and Dutch culture together with fine literature. The island life along
the endless beaches has been her work’s finest source of inspiration. She made a product which speaks of “less impact to the planet and more impact to people and community” – A rigid dichotomy for most fashion brands.

  • 2011 British council Young Fashion Entrepreneur
  • 2011 Finalists of Ethical Fashion Awards at the Sri Lanka Design Festival
  • 2014 Portland Fashion Week
  • 2016 Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival Australia
  • 2017/18 New York Fashion Week

Why KÚR?